The UK electricity system is in need of new ‘peaking’ generation capacity to both replace ageing plants and to cover the intermittency of generation provided by the new large renewable projects. In fact for every 8MW of wind installed, around 1 MW of new peaking plant is required – so an increasing amount of peaking plant is essential to enable the significant growth in renewable energy that is planned over the next few years.

Founded in 2010, PeakGen has developed and built 10 new power plants since commissioning its first in October 2011 and intend to continue to build, own and operate peaking power plants to fulfill the growing needs of the UK power system.

Our plants provide the UK electricity grid stability and security through ancillary services contracted by the National Grid. We have identified a range of sites across the UK  as a base for our new build projects.

We competed in the Government's 2014 Capacity Auction and were successful in winning 124 MegaWatts of new business, spread over 7 sites which will be delivered from 2015 onwards.

Our Aims

Powering Ahead

PeakGen aims to grow to several hundred MW of installed capacity over the next five years. This compares with a total estimated market for new peaking capacity of 2000-4000MW over the same period.

Our growth will come from aggressive organic development but we are also continually looking at acquisition opportunities.

We aim to be the supplier of choice to National Grid for ancillary services.