Using your site/Genset

We are always on the look out for new sites on which to locate our power plants, for which we pay good ground rent, over a long period of time, and do all the planning and consenting required. Additionally in some circumstances the plant can be configured to supply electricity back-up to the host site.

Alternatively you may specifically require back-up for a new or existing site, and rather than you having to purchase and build a plant with your own capital, we can do it for you – under a long term contract.

We are also very interested in talking to owners of existing generating sets, which may or may not be currently connected to the export grid, with a view to purchasing them and using them as part of our portfolio – in the current location or potentially by moving them elsewhere. If their location is unchanged, even though some work may be required to allow export to the grid, the generators can still be used to back your site up – just as they do now.

Please contact us to find out more details on any of the above options.