Passionate about the Environment

We care passionately about the environment and have designed and operate our plants with the environment in mind.

Most of our sites have an array of solar panels to supply our own power needs.


Our plants operate under the European Trading Scheme and comply with all Environmental Regulations.

Passionate about the Community

The local community is of significant important to Peak Gen, and that is why we are proud to work closely with the Coffee Tots, a charity providing support and assistance to parents and children in the Coventry area.

Coffee Tots provide a wide array of services, not only  providing training and guidance to parents in elements such as Money Management and Parenting, but also providing a friendly community in which Parents and Children can interact and support each other.

Peak Gen assist the charity by not only making donations, but also providing assistance in accountancy and business matters.

For more information about Coffee Tots, and to donate, please visit their Website